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Nosotros Reciclamos

We transform people and recycle materials.

collarMiguel, José Luis, Silvia, Alicia, Margarita, Lilia, Juan and Ricardo Iván, are some of the beneficiaries of Nosotros Reciclamos; a project that since 2014 is dedicated to the recycling of PET plastic and its artisanal transformation into decorative and utilitarian objects. All the beneficiaries are people living in extreme poverty, some even before entering the project still lived in the streets of the Historic Center of Mexico City. The central purpose of the project is to provide a place for social insertion where beneficiaries also receive the necessary guidance and some resources to access a decent life. All of them arrive punctually to the work place, clean and sober, and respect the rules of physical and verbal nonviolence. The payment they receive for one hour of work is greater than the average earned in Mexico for similar work. The hours of work or psychological accompaniment that take place within the project are moments of social reintegration where they experience peaceful and well-being oriented coexistence. Nosotros Reciclamos is made possible thanks to the collaboration of artist Thierry Jeannot and psychologist Karla Romero. In the year 2017 its founder David Urzúa Bermúdez received the CEMEX-TEC social entrepreneurship award for his contribution to employment creation for people without job skills in the field of recycling. The project was launched thanks to the support of the Swiss agency for development and cooperation, in particular from Valais Solidaire, Avina Stiftung and a group of small donors from the city of Sion. It also has the support of the Sauto Foundation and the Citizens Council of Mexico City.  Since 2016, Nosotros Reciclamos launched its brand of products PEPENATL which can be found and purchased in the Boutique section of this page.

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